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 If you would like to change the cookie setting or disable cookies in your browser, please follow the following instructions*:

 I. Internet Explorer

 a. Click on the "Tools" menu and choose "Internet Options"

 b. Select the "Privacy" tab

 c. In the "settings" area - select a setting for the "internet zone" and move the bar up until the "Block all cookies" option appears

 d. Select "Apply"


II. Mozilla Firefox

 a. Click on the menu "Tools"

 b. Select "Options"

 c. Click on the "Privacy" icon, which you find in the top panel

 d. In the section "Cookies" disable the option "Accept cookies from websites"

 e. Click "OK" to save the changes and close


III. Google Chrome

 a. Click "Customize and Control Google Chrome"

 b. On the "Behind the scenes" tab, click "Content settings"

 c. Select the "Block data setting by websites" option


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Carmesim Bow Tie


Carmesim Bow Tie


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